About Project

The project Bio-based polyurethane composites with natural fillers (acronym: BIOPURFIL) is carried out in the frame SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME Marie Curie Actions People International Research Staff Exchange Scheme.

The overall aim of this project is to create multinational partnership between European and South American research teams in order to exchange knowledge and experience concerning "state of the-art". Such solution will strengthen research cooperation and transfer of knowledge between partners from Poland (Cracow University of Technology), Latvia (Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry), Spain (University of the Basque Country) and Argentina (National University of Mar Del Plata). Participants have different expertise areas to share the experience of preparing of bio-based composites. This will allow to develop modern bio-composites, for which there is a growing demand in both continents. Short and longer-term periods of staff exchange between participants will also allow more rapid advances in carrying out investigations, as well as in advancing current knowledge in the form of joint-author high citation index papers. The project consists of four stages: synthesis of bio-based polyols, preparing natural fillers, producing bio-polyurethane matrix composites reinforced natural fillers, as well as tests and evaluation of final product. Each of partner brings added value to the proposed stages and is needed in the implementation of the overall project.

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