Argentina 2015

From November 11 to 13, 2015, the III Workshop of the project BIOPURFIL, “Bio-based Polyurethane Composites with Natural Fillers” was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, together with the local II Workshop on “Polímeros Biodegradables y Biocompuestos”.

In that opportunity, very well-known scholars in the area of bio-based polymers and composites presented plenary lectures and invited talks by researchers from Brazil, Canada, France, Italy (see attached program). Besides, the presence of local researchers, the workshop received many colleagues from other Latin-American countries, as well as several researchers from Europe (including the partners of the collaboration in the frame of Biopurfil project)). A whole day was dedicated specifically to orals on bio-based polyurethanes, and additional poster sessions allowed discussing in details the results with the authors, especially with young researchers and doctorate students.

The last day, there was also a special session with the presence of local industries that allowed to discuss entrepreneurships, and the used and potential tools to take the innovations to the commercial sector.

A list containing the works derived from collaborations by the partners of BIOPURFIL and presented at this event is shown below:

  1. F.I. Altuna, B. Fernández-d'Arlas, M.A. Corcuera, A. Eceiza, M.I. Aranguren, P.M. Stefani: "Mechanical properties of bio-based polyurethane foams".
  2. A. Prociak, S. Michałowski, M. Kurańska, M.I. Aranguren: "Porous bio-polyurethanes and their bio-composites synthesized using renewable raw materials".
  3. P. Rojek, M.I. Aranguren, A. Prociak, M.A. Mosiewicki: "Solid "green" polyurethanes based on rapeseed oil polyol/mdi/glycerol".
  4. G. Mondragon, M.E.V. Hormaiztegui, V. Mucci, M.I. Aranguren, A. Arbelaiz, A. Eceiza: "Nanocomposites of waterborne polyurethane reinforced with cellulose nanocrystals from sisal fibres".
  5. S. Michałowski, A. Prociak, M. Kurańska, M.I. Aranguren: "Polyurethane bio-composites modified with palm oil-based polyol and selected natural fillers".
  6. B. Fernández-d'Arlas, F.I. Altuna, M.A. Corcuera, M.I. Aranguren, P.M. Stefani, A. Eceiza: "Hydroxylated soybean oil based polyurethane rigid foams filled with organosolv lignin".
  7. L. Ugarte, A. Santamaria-Echart, M.I. Aranguren, M.A. Corcuera, A. Eceiza: "Flexible polyurethane foams reinforced with cellulose nanocrystals".
  8. M.I. Aranguren, M.E.V. Hormaiztegui, M.A. Corcuera, A. Eceiza, V.L. Mucci: "Micro and nanocomposite films from cellulose and waterborne biopolyurethanes".
  9. U. Cabulis, A. Paberza, A. Fridrihsone-Girone, A. Abolins “Recyclable and renewable resources as mutually complementary raw materials in the synthesis of polyurethane foams”.
  10. M. Kuranska, A. Prociak: “Palm oil-based bio-polyols for synthesis of polyurethane materials”.


Session I-IAbout Project II and Poster Session (“Kotlownia” conference hall)