Spain 2014

The 5th Workshop Green Chemistry and Nanotechnologies in Polymer Chemistry, ECLIPSE Workshop, BIOPURFIL Workshop was held in Donostia-San Sebastian (Spain), from the 9th to the 11th of July 2014. The workshop was organized by the University of the Basque Country with the collaboration of many other academic partners and institutions and it attracted around 100 delegates from all over the world. In total, 31 oral communications were presented and 53 posters were permanently displayed throughout the conference, catalysing numerous discussions and providing good visibility of the exhibited work. The conference had the honor to host three distinguished scientists. Three Plenary Lecturers gave overviews on different fields, Catalysis for biomass-based products (Pedro Luis Area, University of the Basque Country, Spain), Industrial bio-foam from building to automotive (Mohini Sain, University of Toronto, Canada) and Green synthesis of bio-based materials (Alessandro Gandini, PAGORA, France).

The conference was a forum for bringing together academic, industrial, and students exploring and discussing the latest trends in research and technology in the field of bio-based raw materials, polymer and reinforcements, bio-polymer blends and bio-composites. The conference covered several topics related to green chemistry, such as, renewable materials-natural polymers and fibers, synthesis, properties and applications of bio-based monomers and polymers, processing, properties and applications of bio-based blends, composites and hybrids and also other related with nanotechnology, isolation and functionalization of bio-nanofillers, synthesis and surface modification of nanofillers, processing, functionalization and compatibilization of polymer nanocomposites and properties and applications of nanocomposites, among others.

The program of the Workshop is included. A list is included below, containing the works derived from collaborations by the partners of BIOPURFIL and presented at the event:

  1. C. Meiorin, T. Calvo-Correas, M.A. Mosiewicki, M.I. Aranguren, M.A. Corcuera and A. Eceiza: “Influence of the trimethylolpropane content on the properties of novel castor oil based polyurethanes”.
  2. T. Calvo-Correas, M.I. Aranguren, M.A. Corcuera, A. Eceiza and M.A. Mosiewicki: “Linseed oil-based polyurethane foams: manufacture and characterization”.
  3. M.E.V. Hormaiztegui, V. Mucci, A. Eceiza and M.I. Aranguren:  “Nanocomposites of waterborne polyurethane reinforced with cellulose nanocrystals”.
  4. F.I. Altuna, M.A. Corcuera, A. Eceiza, M.I. Aranguren and P.M. Stefani:  “Polyurethane foams based on hydroxylated soybean oil”.

Session I-IAbout Project II and Poster Session (“Kotlownia” conference hall)