Poland 2013

In the second part of 2013 The International Science and Technology Conference “Polyurethanes 2013 – current development trends” took place in Poland. The subject of the conference was associated mainly with the polyurethane (PUR) materials in particular raw materials and additives for PUR preparation, modification of PUR systems, research related to the structure and properties of PUR materials and composites. The issue
s related to sustainable development of PUR technologies including the development of bio-based materials and waste recycling were discussed. During this conference the results of investigation carried out in the frame of BIOPURFIL project have been also discussed.

The results of common investigations carried out during the stay of C. Meiorin (seconded from Argentina to Spain) and M. Mosiewicki (seconded from Argentina to Poland) were disseminated as poster presentations at this international conference. The conference participants from research institutions and industry discussed the following posters:

  1. C. Meiorin, T. Calvo-Correas, M.A. Mosiewicki, M.I. Aranguren, M.A. Corcuera, A. Eceiza: “Synthesis and properties of bio-based polyurethane derived from castor oil”.
  2. M. Mosiewicki, P. Rojek, S. Michałowski, M. Aranguren, A. Prociak: “Characterization of rapeseed oil based polyurethane foams modified with glycerol and cellulose”.

The participants of the conference represented 13 universities and scientific institutions while the PUR industry was represented by 36 companies. Such broad group of experts in PUR materials allowed detailed evaluation of presented results.

Session I-IAbout Project II and Poster Session (“Kotlownia” conference hall)